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Social Innovation Factory - Accelerating social innovation

Revealing the approach of the Belgian Social Innovation Factory and a variety of social innovation practices.

With a growing awareness of the world, facing serious societal challenges that need urgent solutions, more and more attention is going to social innovation: new or novel solutions to a societal challenge resulting in a product, service or model. What kind of social innovations are there and how can they be accelerated? That’s in short what this publication is about.

The ‘Sociale Innovatie Fabriek’ (Social Innovation Factory), active in Belgium, set up a model that is driven by peer-to-peer support and a cross-sectoral approach. Key in this support are the intake sessions and the learning network. In the learning network, needs and skills are strategically connected with each other, using a virtual currency to secure a manageable trade. This publication not only provides information about the way the Sociale Innovatie Fabriek supports social innovation and social entrepreneurship, but brings you no less than 15 cases of social innovation that have been set up in the region of Flanders and Brussels. These cases bring solutions for societal challenges as unemployment, poverty, connecting people and health care, climate change, restricted access to care, the need for a new economy,…

What do these innovations by De Stuyverij, The Opportunity Factory, Duo For a Job, Blue Assist, Fitclass, Solidare-it, Nearly New Offices, Roof Food, Armen Tekort, Tejo, Thea Swing, Partago, Kodibox and the Gleaning Network look like? Discover them in this publication.

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Social Innovation Factory - Accelerating social innovation
ISBN: 978-2-509-02505-0

Over de auteur(s)

The Social Innovation Factory - innovation that benefits all

The Social Innovation Factory is a networking organization that promotes, guides and supports social and societal innovative concepts. Are you working on such a concept or do you have one in mind? Then come to the Social Innovation Factory and make it happen!

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