One safe place

Pascale Franck , Bert Groen

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Too many women in the European Union are confronted in their daily lives with various forms of violence: on our streets, at the workplace and in the intimacy of their homes –the place where women and their children should feel safest. Recent survey data have shown that large numbers of women are victims of gender-based violence that often leaves scars for the rest of their lives. This has a profound negative impact on our societies.
We must all work together, and we must ensure all available expertise can be used. Organizations and support services at the grassroots level are crucial actors in combating violence against women across Europe as they are often best placed to develop models that address the real problems on the ground in every local context.
The Family Justice Center is an excellent example of such a project. It gathers various servi

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04 Dec

Studiedag: Terra incognita: Een ontdekkingsreis naar betekenisvolle activiteiten in de ouderenzorg

Locatie: Provinciehuis Vlaams-Brabant, Provincieplein 1, 3010 Leuven

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